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Focus on Giving

Okay so I haven't done a single post about Christmas this year and honestly, I haven't felt the complete joy I usually feel around this time. I think each year as you get older you can see how much Christmas has really been taken over by consumerism. You also become more aware of the sadness… Continue reading Focus on Giving

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The last post before Christmas.

I think this could be the last written post I make before Christmas. I might share a few photo's over the next few days. So, I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas for whatever reason I hope you still have a lovely day! If Christmas is a hard time for you… Continue reading The last post before Christmas.

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Fake Christmas: The best fake day of the year!

December 6th. Today is to me and my friends now and forever, Fake Christmas. This is the second year we've celebrated it. This probably sounds a bit strange, why do you need fake christmas in the same month of actual christmas? We'll it's because I'm at university and me and my friends all leave for… Continue reading Fake Christmas: The best fake day of the year!