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An Honest Uni Reflection

The past few months have felt a little strange. Things have felt super rushed but at the same time really slow. My exams fall after Christmas and last for a two week period. Then it's straight into new modules. So there's not much breathing room between exams and modules. I honestly feel I haven't had… Continue reading An Honest Uni Reflection

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Finding a new house…

Unexpected things happen all the time, things don't always go as planned. Usually, I'm quite adaptable when it comes to change, but finding a new house is going to be a change that I struggle with. Basically, the student house I'm living in this year won't be available for next year, because one of my… Continue reading Finding a new house…

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“I’m an Outdoor Person”

Being an 'outdoor-person' is something I didn't really ever consider myself to be. My ideal weekend was spent in bed on Netflix or inside literally doing nothing. In some ways it still is. But when you spend a whole weekend with no acomplishements to show apart from uni work (which you kind of have to… Continue reading “I’m an Outdoor Person”