Why it’s okay to just stop

I could have written a post today talking all about why I haven't been blogging for months. But why? I've come to realise there is no explanation needed. It's okay to stop blogging for a while without an explanation or reason. The truth is no one really cares that you've not been blogging as much… Continue reading Why it’s okay to just stop

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Overcoming a Creative Block

Last month I was just about ready to quit blogging. I felt so uninspired and stuck and I began to spiral into negativity. I kept on having such negative thoughts about my blog. Thoughts like: Why are you even doing this? Let's face it no one actually cares about your blog? Isn't it kind of a waste… Continue reading Overcoming a Creative Block

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Poem: Mental Health and Fatigue

I'm doing something quite scary today and sharing a poem for the first time ever on this blog. I have always loved creative writing but have felt discouraged in the past because of dyslexia and feeling put down. So this has actually just been sitting in my drafts for a while. The poem is about… Continue reading Poem: Mental Health and Fatigue